Saturday, January 28, 2012

Forever connected

urgghh .. i've leave this blog 'forever' and its full with dust rite now .

METHYLMETACRYLATE CLEVELAND .. I love this genk muchh ! Its like a rainbow that oweys make my life colourful and its also like a sunshine that oweys shine my life .. Give me light .. Raise me up wenever i get down . ALLAH is so wise that he didnt create a fren wit a pricetags cuz , if he does , I sure I cant afford a precious fren like them . I wont forget the wonderful memory that we create 2 geda . Now , i know ,, the time wont wait us .. All the \\Unwanted// things had happen on us .. All we have to do is to Forget bout it , but , its not easy like peanut beb .. Truth be told , i Miss the old methyl . Really miss . I miss all the time we playin 2geda , the time we jammink .. the time we laughing , the time we tease people .. EVERYTHING !! yeahh . i miss everything that w've done togeder .. As we getting matured , the things is change .. we r not crazy like that anymore .. huhh ?? It different .. very differ ! I dont want life like tiz . but , who am I ??? I am juz a little person that want my life back . But , I know i must go wit the flow .. As the time goes on , Life also goes on .. Welcome to Matured world .. and say goodbye to d childish world .. I always pray and hope that i can be tough through tiz life .but , deeply in my heart . I Want my Methyl backk . the happiness methyl . Im such didnt know tiz new methyl . its weirdo . Im tired thinking diz problemm .. everyone hve their own opinion , ergghhh .. Stressful .. nevermind .. i hope i will enjoy my life in tiz new METHYL world . I also hope that d 5 of us will get straight 8A's in our PMR .. :)

-Forever Connected-


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love methyl <3