Saturday, December 31, 2011

tomorrow = Next year

31 december 2011 . 
oke , i thought tis will be my last entry for 2011 .
tomorrow will be 1 january 2012 and 2 january 2012 is my befday !
hahaha . i've face too many experience on 2011 . there are bitter , sweet , sour , salty and sumtimes there are
lil bit spicy .. d wonderful experience i've got is wen we won a first place
in drama competition n choir competition. and the 'miserable' xperience is 
wen me n my genx facing lil bit problem such as misunderstanding , blablabla .
but , the miserable actually wonderful . 
i hope this 2012 will be a happy and lucky year for me .
And i also hope that i will ready to face this becoming PMR . Fighting ..
2012 will be a horrible and complicated year  , but i hope
that 'complicated' will 'yield a good result' . i hope so .
this 2011 is really2 'ripen' myself . and i hope it will
stay foreverr . hehe .
and the important thing is , i want 8A's ! thats all .
wat i've to do to 'grab' it is study smart .

okehh . time is running out and i gotta go now .
Hope to see ya NEXT YEAR !


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