Thursday, August 11, 2011

Looking good , feeling great

when i look at the mirror , i finally found who i am .

im oweys ask my mum 
'mum , do u think im pretty ?? ' . mum oweys say yes and i reply
'u only say that cuz u r my mum '
mum would answer
'yup , im ur mum n i know u r better than anyone else does . ur long black hair , almond shaped eyes n ur  slightly oval face . wen u smile , u look so joyful .'
i juz smile n nods .
mum continued
'like a Roald Dahl's say , u can hve a large nose n a crooked mouth n a double chin , but if u have a good thought they will shine through and u will oweys look lovely .'
i nods again .

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