Friday, July 1, 2011

beautiful quotes

If u ask God to take away ur habit,
God said " NO ! it is not for me to take away 
but for u 2 give it up "

u ask God 2 gve u happiness
God said "no ! I give u blessing , happiness is up 2 u"

u ask God to make ur spirit grow
God said "No!u must grow by ur own ! But i will prune u2 make u faithful"

u asked God 2 help u love others as much as He loves u
God Said "finally u have an idea"

dear friends,
When u ask 4 strength , God gve u problems 2 solve .
when u ask 4 prosperity , God gve u brain n brawn ur work .
when u ask 4 courages n God gve u danger 2 overcome .
When u ask 4 loved n God gve u trouble people 2 help.
when u ask 4 favorn God gve u opportunities
So , u received nothing u wanted ,but u received everything u needed
Everyone needs a shoulder 2 cry on.
Everyone needs a friend 2 rely on 
When d whole worlds gone , u wont be alone.
cuz i'll be there
i'll be ur shoulder 2 cry on  .
i'll be the oneto rely on.
u'll oweys hve my shoulder 2 cry on.
wishing u a day filled wit beautiful moments
and cherished memory

the end 

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